Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hulu Coming to PlayStation 3 in July, Xbox 360 in 2011

Don't cancel your Netflix account just yet kids, this won't be a free alternative. Hulu Plus, a new ad-supported, subscription based service currently available for the iPhone and iPad (invite only for the time being), looks to essentially be a slightly more expensive version of Netflix, minus the physical DVD. The new service, hitting the PS3 in July of this year, and 360 sometime after the holiday, will run $9.99 per month. I suppose if you've got an iPad and/or iPhone and one of the two more loved next-gen consoles (sorry Nintendo), it may be worth it to switch from Netflix to Hulu Plus. Maybe they'll have a much better selection of shows. Can't say as of yet but I'll try and get access to someone's Hulu Plus account and get back to you. For now, me and my Wii are sticking with Netflix.

(image via boingboing.net)

For more info, check out the Hulu Blog.

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