Monday, April 11, 2011

Veridian Dynamics and Blue Sun

So I'm re-watching Better off Ted currently (if you haven't seen it yet Netflix it, trust me), and this morning, while watching Season 1, episode 6 "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" I noticed two things:

First, during a monologue, the following exchange occurred:
Linda: Listen to my tone and not my words. We can't just stand here and let them take Ted away from us.  He is the shiniest employee we have.
Lem: Did you just say "shiniest"?
Linda: Again, listen to my tone and not my words. We have to do something.
Phil: Linda's tone is right. We can't function without Ted

It is completely brushed over that Linda referred to Ted as "shiney", using it as a word of praise in a way that is not traditionally done outside of the Firefly universe. Then, as Ted is going through the drawers of the security guard's station looking for a badge, he opens and closes a couple of drawers, pausing only on one drawer, which contained just a single pair of blue latex gloves, a la Blue Sun. In fact, he opens the drawer, goes to close it, and re-opens it once more, creating a deliberate focus on them.

If you're not familiar with the series, there are two mysterious men in Firefly/Serenity, who wear blue latex gloves like those shown. From :

"Hands Of Blue- These two blue-gloved men (agents of the Blue Sun Corporation? The Academy? the Alliance?) are pursuing River after her escape from The Academy. They always appear as a pair ("Two by Two"), have a generally creepifying demeanor, and wear blue gloves at all times."

So this was something new to me, I tried Googling variations of "Better off Ted, Firefly", but didn't come up with anything. Has anyone else seen or heard of any connections between the two shows? Perhaps a shared writer? I'm very curious.