Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Geeking Out

So Telltale games, publisher's of the successful Sam & Max game series, just announced a new Back to the Future project. I very nearly jumped out of my seat to yell the news at everyone on my floor, but somehow I don't think it would've been appreciated. This is the more recent BttF game since Back to the Future: Part III for the Sega Genesis was released in 1991. Not alot in the way of details at the moment, although it seems there will be an entirely new plot to be explored. It is confirmed that Christopher Lloyd has been signed on for voicework, and Bob Gale, screenwriter for all three films, will be working with game developers on the plot of the "5 Episode" series. No news on whether or not Michael J. Fox will be lending his talents to the game. Let us pray.

The only other information being confirmed by Telltale Games as of yet is that:
1.) The DeLorean time machine will be making an appearance (I should certainly hope so).
2.) The game will feature characters from the movies, and the likeness' of the actors.
3.) At least a portion of the game will take place in Hill Valley.

So... yeah, super vague on the details for the TIME being (lololololol- sorry).

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